Die cutting machine series

  • Roll material automatic die-cutting machine

    Adopted with the methods roll feeding, the product can cut directly with the mould to save the edge finishing and single sheet cutting, the printed and film-covered roll material will be directly impressed and cut with the mould, the material will be processed as the finished product for one time.
  • Rotary Automatic Die-cutting Machine

    Configuration of machine:
    Constant tension control of unwinding
    Automatic rectification of deviation
    Touch screen of Delta, PLC of Siemens
    Imported control plate of system
  • IML label automatic die-cutting machine

    It is suitable for die-cutting various IML label, such as PP, PE, PET, OPP, BOPP, PVC.

  • Rolling label automatic die-cutting machine

    This machine collects giving material rectify a deviation automatically, mould cutting, shelling paper (drain wastes), handing in an organic whole automatically.
  • Multi-posts covering automatic die-cutting machine

    It is suitable for die-cutting various of iml label, lids for bowls、cups、bottles、paper plastic, aluminum foil lids, inner-mat for drug bottle and ice cream packing, etc.
  • Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

    The structure is used for the whole complete machine, which can connect all functions together to ensure the rigidness and stable operation of the machine.


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