Speed and precision die-cutting machine Exploration


   At present, the advanced die-cutting machines and hot stamping machine is the intelligent. Multi-function, large format, high speed, high precision, high stability and on-line in the direction of development. Domestic flat flatten die-cutting machine in some ways quite close to the world advanced level, Dan in speed, accuracy, You Qi Wen Dingxing in the machine, reliability 上 lags behind somewhat. Automatic die-cutting machine technology indicators, speed and precision die-cutting machine is an important technical indicators, directly reflects the rate of production efficiency, product quality and accuracy of marking. In improving the speed and increase accuracy, and is packing equipment after printing a difficult problem. Here on the platen die-cutting machine to do further study to peer reference purposes only. 
   Accurate positioning speed to paper
   Automatic paper feeding operation under the Ministry can be divided into three kinds: intermittent, continuous and variable speed feeding. Currently, widespread adoption of continuous feeding at home and abroad means that after the sheet before the sheet of paper and a part of the total overlap, smooth feeding in this way, high speed. In the same die-cutting speed, assuming the paper in the former Planning Department has the same settling time, intermittent feeding than in continuous feeding speed much faster. Feeding faster, the paper will rely on forward rules have more impact prone to bounce or curl paper, resulting in positioning not allowed, low precision. In the case of equal speed feeding, intermittent feeding position than continuous feeding time is much less, the paper will appear in the former rules, regulations localization, lateral instability of the problem, it will also lead to low precision. If there is enough to make intermittent feeding of paper stability, we must reduce the speed of the machine, reducing the cutting ability. Therefore, the intermittent feeding generally used only for small size and low-speed machines, while more than continuous feeding for large-size and high-speed machines.
   In recent years, high-speed cutting machines began to use variable speed feeding means. Variable feeding and continuous feeding of the working principle is basically the same, only on this basis increased by feeding speed change mechanism. If the average feeding equal, variable speed feeding and continuous feeding time for the same position, but the shift away from the feeding rate of each step will produce feeding cycle. Before the arrival of regulation in the paper, the feeding speed minimum, paper, the impact of small, accurate positioning, which will help improve the speed and precision die-cutting.
   Regulatory body parts on the speed and accuracy
   The precision of the main product is automatic die cutting machine department, which regulate body parts plays a key role in this. Paper into the gripper before some of its regulatory body for accurate positioning, so that the paper in the cutting process, cutting and creasing lines mark the same position in each sheet of paper, to achieve high cutting accuracy. Paper in the parts of the positioning rules, asking for before and after the exact location of the left and right directions, respectively, by the former rules and regulations to ensure the side.
    After positioning the paper must also have high-precision transfer paper, namely the gripper body of the paper version to conduct an accurate pass die die indentation. In order to ensure cutting accuracy, to ensure accurate transmission to ensure that each row of teeth row to stay in the exact location. Tooth row of the accuracy and stability of the body to stop the precision of the die plays a vital role, and its exercise, rest time and the stability of the body by intermittent cutting machine decision.
   Intermittent speed and accuracy of the
   Die Cutting Machine intermittent commonly used by parallel indexing cam mechanism, the institution conjugate cam mechanism, and the slot wheels, gears and other incomplete compared to intermittent motion mechanism, with motion characteristics of a good, smooth start and stop, vibration noise, compact structure. And easy process, it is widely used. When the machine speed is high, the cam profile by the follower\'s speed, acceleration, size and direction of inertia, resulting in body vibration, so that the work of feeding tooth row of instability. Therefore, the design using kinematic principles based on the need to use mechanical dynamics of the dynamic design of cam profile, in order to ensure smooth movement intermittent institutions themselves. If the intermittent movement organization itself is not smooth, the transition to the chain, coupled with rapid start and stop the cause tooth row of body shake, causing the whole machine speed is not high, accuracy is also greatly affected. In addition, the intermittent motion law of agency is also important to improve the sine curve, start and stop when the speed was decreased, relatively stable.
    Intermittent angle of the moving process speed and accuracy are greatly affected. Greater dynamic range angle, the more stable machine, machine speed can be increased. Assuming constant cutting speed, then the longer interval kinematic (dynamic range greater angle), gripper exercise longer, then the tooth row of the lower average speed of movement, exercise more stable, more help to improve accuracy.
   The company\'s cutting machine positioning mechanism are different, but the basic principle is the same.
   Precision die-cutting with precision accuracy into the side two. Gripper bodies connected by a chain tooth row of bodies and institutions, gripper reasonable structure, high precision and accuracy on the die is very important. To eliminate tooth row length of the error, tooth row side by side positioning mechanism generally fixed position, the side event positioning. To improve the accuracy side, should be fixed so that positioning the side of the tooth row Press closer positioning fixed side panels, side positioning in activities under the action of compression spring to make it seamless. Suppose the side pull-regulation work without error, the fixed-side position and pull the paper side of the margin rules for the fixed value, the opposite tooth row length error had no effect on accuracy. Conversely, if the activity side of the compression spring pressure is insufficient orientation or other factors, so that the fixed side of the tooth row Press closer, after the positioning plate gap between the positioning plate, then the side of accuracy to solve the problem, in addition to improve the accuracy of the side regulation, but also to eliminate gap tooth row positioning error of the fixed side. 
    In addition, the side pull lay\'s drawing location, distance from the edge of paper before the Planning Board, the opposite also affect accuracy. Automatic die-cutting machine before pulling away from the regulatory rules of paper with the matching edge offset from the pull if the location of the same rules, they can basically eliminate edges tilt error.
    Affect the product before the accuracy of a number of factors: ① intermittent sector stability, in particular, Intermittent start, stop, stability, directly affect the stability of tooth row to stop the state, thus affecting the precision before. If Intermittent wear, can also cause tooth row in place to stop or start the process of jitter, thus affecting the precision die-cutting front.
② stopper body after a long period before the operation, the paper determines the stability of its movement before and after the change of location, affecting the accuracy of the former.
③ The gripper positioning role played before and after the positioning block itself should have good strength and stability, to ensure that each tooth row will be located in the same before and after the anchor point.
④ tooth row of chain length of the error and chain elongated by wear, will affect the tooth row of positioning points, and thus to affect the accuracy. Jade seal products are imported from Germany, the chain, such as MY1050A, MY1060-type cutting machine has a unique body designed to eliminate the chain length of the error, which will help improve the cutting accuracy.
⑤ moving platform and the slider, the slider and with the gap between the supporting shaft is also a factor to affect the accuracy. ⑥ gripper pressure is too small, resulting in slip of paper in the course of transmission or spondylolisthesis; gripper pressure differential between the paper may cause skew in the cutting process, thus affecting the precision die-cutting. In addition, the cutting plate and die-box under the repeated positioning accuracy, edition box strength, edition box positioning block wear on the front side of the precision and accuracy will have an impact.
    Now produce more than 1020 specifications of 200 degrees intermittent cutting machine body, the maximum speed of up to 6000 times / hour; switch to 230 degrees intermittent mechanism, the maximum speed of up to 8,000 times / hour.
   Methods to improve the speed machine including reducing the weight of all moving parts; to improve the chain guide chain board structure and trajectory to reduce the resistance of the chain in motion; the same time, improve the lubrication conditions on speed is also very good. Be careful because the speed increased, the moving parts with great heat, if not cool, machinery will soon wear, so reduce the accuracy of all components, mechanical aging rapidly, affecting the stability of mechanical operation.
   The work of die-cutting machine speed, precision die cutting, machine stability and reliability of operation is an important measure of performance indicators die-cutting machine. Improve the domestic die-cutting machine speed and accuracy to meet the needs of market development is an urgent task. A few key cutting machine developed by manufacturers in recent years, combined with introduction of technology has enabled domestic die-cutting machine in the specifications, variety, performance, it has a lot of progress, many products have been close to international Zhong, the level of high-end products with international top products are also narrowing the gap. Such as the Tangshan Yu India as one of the earliest production of automatic platen die cutting machine manufacturer, since 1980 production of die-cutting machine has been developed already has dozens of different sizes, different functions of die cutting products. The 1020,1050 series die-cutting machine speed reaches 7500 cycles / hour, with accuracy of 0.12mm.
   With the opening of domestic markets, domestic prices will gradually lose their cutting edge machines. Enterprises to survive and develop, we must pay attention to product quality, service oriented, to create first-class design, first-class manufacturing, first-class service, create their own brand, market to the world



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