Die-cutting machine according to enterprise development needs identified


  Die-cutting equipment in stock relationship to the production development and the availability of improved product quality problem, when, after initially purchasing intentions, that is, the production of development will need to install the case of die-cutting machine, the main consideration should be given the The company\'s production for the procurement of what kind of die-cutting machine. Which factors should be considered: the machine model, performance, features, specifications, quantity, price positioning, equipment, transportation, installation and operation of technical training, etc., these situations is more important is related to production costs, benefits and products quality problems, so early in the procurement of a comprehensive trade-off should be considered.
   According to the characteristics of a reasonable purchase production equipment from the printing die cutting, finishing the development of the machine run, die-cutting machine and printing, varnishing, die-stamping machines online more and more towards a mature production technology, machine variety, functionality, performance and productivity, it is also more complete, can basically be better, more comprehensive packaging printing industry to adapt production to achieve lower consumption and improve product quality and productivity requirements. Looking at the development of the printing market, all places, various printing and packaging enterprises in different product mix and production capacity, large, medium and small carton plants and other printing and packaging business, the required characteristics of die-cutting machine should be different . Tong Chang, equipment is an important production companies to create one of the elements of profits, so businesses Zai Caigou cutting machine, be sure to carefully hold the Tai Du Yao Renzhenduidai, Buke rush. Otherwise, even into the new and advanced in production equipment, but also You may have purchased the machine is not suitable for factory\'s production practice Zhuangkuang, which affect the production Xiaoshuai or improvement of product quality.
   Launched a new device is very obvious, is to address the production of this enterprise can not complete the task. The production company can not complete the task, including enterprise existing equipment could not produce order (in this case, namely, cutting the company is purchasing the first time), the quality of non-compliance to complete the orders, can not be completed on schedule because of equipment limitations orders Yiji can not receive new order situations. Therefore, in the early establishment in the foreseeable future, existing business and business detail,; short-tailed bird indeed based on the analysis, to determine the number of procurement opportunities cutting machine main technical parameters: amplitude, speed, degree of automation. This is a main parameter to determine, it has been basically established the grade of the die-cutting machine.
   For example, process specifications of your products maximum. 2000mm, the scope of the procurement of equipment you should determine the scope of imported equipment; or your product requirements of the daily production volume is very large, then you should be sure to use fully automatic die-cutting equipment. Particularly to point out that the process to determine the scope of equipment necessary to fully consider the degree of modernization of the equipment itself can be processed range of products and coordination between, for example, the specifications for the 1600mm range of automatic cutting machine, because this equipment, automatic document feeder Department of the principle of limited feeding, it can only process corrugated cardboard, but cardboard is not effective for complex processing. It is worth considering the general buyers.



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