Digital Flat-stamping die-cutting technology development team and health authorities


   Currently the advanced stamping die stamping equipment platen and rotary die-cutting machine stamping die-cutting machine two. Existing platen die cutting machine stamping machine structure, determine the transfer time to change the random speed changes, the higher the speed of the shorter transfer time. As the platen stamping stamping die-cutting machine effect by the large area of stamping platform, transfer time, machine speed constraints, at home and abroad platen die cutting machine stamping stamping speed and stability have been 4000 / hours to 7500 / hours. 
   Go foil institutions, whether domestic, foreign platen stamping die-cutting machine as structural constraints, can only go vertical or vertical and horizontal foil foil to go alone, but not both vertical and horizontal take the foil. Therefore, in the stamping process of hot stamping foil must be cut to meet the requirements of narrow foil stamping process volume. The use of low stamping foil, increase the production cost of enterprises, while also lowering production efficiency. 
   Digital Flat-stamping die-cutting machine is for the current platen die cutting machine stamping the main problems, using computer technology, digital technology, microelectronic technology, no shaft drive and other high technology, after years of painstaking research, trial and error, numerous improvements, it successfully developed. This technology developed by the company R & D center, with fully independent intellectual property rights, and obtained patents. 
    Digital Flat-stamping die-cutting machine of several key technologies 
1, the number of paper with the XY-axis positioning system functionality to the paper 
     The system is not a traditional feeding station, but on paper with digital suction mouth tooth row of high-precision delivery to the feeding of paper, it can identify the direction of the paper edge XY amendment. Can also identify the baseline for printing trimming XY direction, the correction accuracy of 0.03mm; this paper, the stability of the numerical control delivery speed of delivery of paper per hour, 12,000. It also can individually apply to other printing equipment, that is, as a separate electronic pull with rules and regulations of a pre-electronic machine. 
2, no conventional teeth thousand paper digital closed-loop system Reciprocating Feeder  
   The system is an independent components, fixed on the lifting platform inside, it is not intermittent transmission box of traditional machine, chain tooth row group and Qianhoudingwei Zhuangzhi, Er Shi using the most advanced linear closed-loop Qudongqijian. 
Its advantages are: 
① Repetitive positioning accuracy for the 0.01mm; 
② the number of small parts, only the traditional machine 1 / 5; 
③ positioning accuracy of machine parts from wear and tear resulting from the clearance effects; 
④ Whether the level of processing speed, delivery time for each paper remain stable. So that feeding time utilization increased by 25%, due to the use of the body feeding, which makes the structure more simple and reasonable. 
3, personalized digital stamping platform 
It can stamping process requirements, set platform and substrate contact time and the stamping pressure, with all the stamping pressure balanced picture of adaptive function, it is totally without operator cumbersome plate. Hot stamping with ordinary low-end, the stamping speed 1000 per hour to 10,000 per hour, the transfer time are the same, exactly the same quality stamping. 
4, digital two-coordinate system take the foil 
   Go foil stamping die-cutting system mounted directly on the platform, fixed platform. Use foil according to the width of the whole site linked to foil stamping. Stamping when it can move around in the horizontal direction, vertical direction can be positive and negative go foil, but also movement in two directions simultaneously. The stamping foil stamping to any location can be printed on the product. 
Its advantages are: 
① linked to the entire volume foil, foil and cutting saves time hanging foil, reducing the number of times for foil, increasing the effective working time; 
② high-speed high-precision foil to go, its positioning accuracy up to 0.1mm; 
③ enhance utilization supplies, consumables than traditional machines save 30% to 50% or   ④ reduce environmental pollution caused by waste foil. 
    summary, we have developed a new concept of digital stamping platen die cutting machine. The use of the structure, "systems integration" of the method, the machine features a direct use of advanced control, drive technology, 各 feature in the digital motion controller of the next, between the achievement of the features high-speed, stability and accuracy of Wu machinery space, no friction virtualization linkage. Function in order to ensure precise control of stamping stamping die stamping pressure and duration; to ensure high-speed paper feeding when precise positioning; 
    The first time the pair of coordinates while walking foil, take foil precision stamping foil machine to improve efficiency than the traditional 30-50% or more; without the use of high transfer characteristics of the foil, using the common low-grade anodized aluminum case, stability processing speed of more than 10,000 per hour to achieve the processing speed and mechanical speed of the complete reunification of the stamping accuracy of ± 0.06mm.



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