Reduce the hidden costs of cutting losses reduce


   In the face of growing competition, each carton factories in seeking to reduce costs, lower purchasing prices up and down the main and supplementary materials and a lot of work, in order to win the rapid carton factory orders, many suppliers are forced provide low-cost products, saying goes well, "a penny, a sub-goods," many of our carton plant in lower procurement costs, while more and more suffer from the loss of stealth, invisible costs .

   In the cutting process, these hidden costs, or reduce the cost of potential performance in space:

    Loss of large, high rate of waste. This is fatal to raise prices a few percentage points less likely, and increase the yield of several points is easier.

   Speed and cost cutting hours. Unit time produced more of qualified products, the unit will be assessed on the fixed costs less. Not necessarily going to increase the speed of buying more expensive die-cutting equipment, cutting equipment available can do.

    Inventory costs and risks. A lot of money to be backlog of accounts receivable and inventory, serious impact on cash flow. Looking for a good supplier should be easy to reduce inventory had significantly reduced receivables. To improve the yield and speed, depends on many different types of cutting material, convenient sources of supply, the supplier\'s inventory is the need to investigate the structure and level and weighed. How to reduce the loss in cutting process? Loss means unqualified, not including the testing machine products, production of waste arising in the course, including the repair of defective products, fill orders, they mean losses.

    Either flat or rotary die-cutting, there are many unqualified products resulting performance:

    Indentation in the cutting process, there was explosive line, and when folded burst line users

    Lack of indentation, folding problems, deformation, folding position deviation

   Size are not allowed, especially in the rotary die cutting appeared some small, and so on before and after

    Burst edge, or trimming is not straight, trimming debris from

   Cardboard oppressed have pit

   Production schedule will be affected because of these problems affect the production plan has not only completed the above, there are for example:

   Cutting board, blade cracking, not good to cut off

   Blade bending down, cutting deformation

   Waste even finished cutting board hanging

    At this time often need to shutdown and started repair of the work, such as tool change, subsidies sponges, cutting boards or even want to change. These losses is difficult to quantify, the production and planning departments are plagued by these too much. When these problems exist, who would like to improve the speed of die-cutting machine? It will only see more problems, this way, the speed will not lift the blame also. Caused by the status quo means "this is normal", we tend to accept the "normal wear and tear", "normal" speed die-cutting machine.

    If you have already started these as abnormal, then you have begun a cost reduction



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